You will be getting emotionally tied up with people around you either from within the family or from the work area. Keep faith in your ambitions and keep working hard then all your financial positions will remain positive. Your persistent efforts would make your hopes and wishes come true.a progressive month but with lots of hard work.If you are working in some private company then you will get the much awaited recognition. Middle of the month brings the most auspicious time for you as far as your professional life is concerned. Family life seems to be okay this month. For students this month is favourable and specially for those who are preparing for competitive exams. Cheer up and enjoy with much Focus and attention to words your professional space. stay away from disputes and be alert with government problems. You will spend a very good time shopping and spending on luxury. Avoid excessive travel. Health needs to be taken care of as some viral issues might trouble some of you. eat well and perform regular exercises.Foreign travels will be very expensive so be careful when travelling.enjoy a better financial stability keep your expenses in check and any kind of lending a boring of money should be avoided. Strictly avoid sharing any sensitive matters of secrets with your close ones at this time. Expenses on children are also indicated .avoid heavy investments and be very cautious with your expenses. 

Your child may perform well in Academics and extra curricular activities. You might get political gains. Trust your instincts to take an important decision of your life.

Remedy: Donate white clothes to brahamans on Monday.