The mission was launched to the Moon on 22 July 2019 at 2.43 PM. According to the launching time horoscope, the Period was going through Saturn Mahadasha. Shani was in Sagittarius and was in Retrogation. Retrogation means it was close to the Earth and if it is close to the Earth it is close to the Moon too. In Saturn Mahadasha the sub period was Sat-Mer-Mer. Date of landing was 07/09/19 and period running was Sat/Mer/Mer/Sun/Ketu. Lander name was Vikram and Rover name was Pragyan. Both Vikram i.e. Taurus and Rover i.e. Virgo Rashi are going `through Shani Dhaiya and Shani Mahadasha which is the main reason why it failed. The space craft technologically was perfect but as both Lander and Rover were going through Shani dhaiya according to Astrology lost all communications at the last moment. According to me there is a strong possibility that we might establish communication with Lander Vikram in near future. Due to Sat dhaiya, Sat Mahadasha and 5th Place Ketu, it came as a disappointment as Ketu means all of a sudden so it happened all of a sudden. If it would have been landed on 08/09/19 it would have been successful. If it would have launched in November or December there were strong chances of success.