This is a mixed period for you. You can attract some influential people who will be ready to assist you in realizing your projects and plans. You will not wait long to receive a fair compensation for your hard work. There may be problems and distress due to siblings. You should pay attention to your parents health as there are some signs of their ill health. There is probability of visiting places of religious importance. This is also an excellent month as far as money matters are concerned.You will come up with new ideas for dealing with your challenges. Dealings and transactions will work out smoothly and effortlessly for you, as you score one over your competitors. Income will come for you from more than one source. Your friends and family will just make your personal life so much richer and more fulfilling. Your relations with your clients and associates and other concerned persons will definitely improve as the period rolls on, You will buy some luxury items in this period. Overall, a rewarding period for you.