1.The real meaning of Ram Rajya has started in Uttar Pradesh with Yogi Ji becoming the Chief Minister. He is a real Saint and would work towards the upliftment of minorities/ weaker sections and backward classes. Muslims or any other caste they are all equal in his eyes.

2.Total face of Uttar Pradesh is going to change for the better during his tenure.

3.As already predicted on our website; www.pradeepvigastrology.com and Google. The change in Saturn’s movement  effective January 26, 2017 paves the way for his success and shall strengthen the position of the BJP Government at the Centre.

4.Corruption and Terrorism shall decline in Uttar Pradesh and the law and order situation would improve.

5.The major concern for all Communities and Political Parties.. “Ram Mandir’  would be constructed at Ayodhaya amicably during Yogi Ji’s tenure.

6.Yogi Ji shall share a wonderful rapport with Mr Modi and would work under Mr Modi’s guidance and leadership.

7.In 2019 Elections, BJP shall have a clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh and shall once again form the Government at the centre under Mr Modi’s leadership.

8.Phenomenal Development at all spheres shall take place and Uttar Pradesh shall emerge out to be a prosperous state under Yogi Ji’s leadership. Business and Trade , Employment shall be on the rise.

Emancipation of Women , Minorities and weaker section of the societies shall take place.

9.Yogi Ji could face opposition from his rivals but he would overcome the same and move forward.

10.Revival of the Sugar Mills Industry is indicated during Yogi Ji’s tenure.