Saturn is the finest planet in the zodiac. It gives most stable results. All it wants is sincerity, spirituality, and purity of the intention. Saturn has made its move in Sagittarius on January 26, 2017.  This transit of Saturn will be a turning point in India’s politics, growth, and overall positioning in the World. Literacy rate will increase and education systems will grow stronger in this period. Corruption will go down and there will be changes in the Judiciary systems for betterment. Digital India will be on the boom. For India and Modi Government, this period will be highly constructive and stable foundation will be laid down for a progressive country. They are going the revolutionise the country and rule for the next 10 years.

Being in the sign of Dev Guru Jupiter, Saturn is bound to give good results to all who are spiritual and in the path of righteousness. Sagittarius is an inspirational and philosophical sign, entry of Saturn in this sign will bring spiritual mindset in the people worldwide. Terrorism will go down worldwide and this transit will not be good for Arabic countries.

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