PM Modi, a source of great pride, his charisma and skills as country’s prime minister will continue to bloom large. PM Modi is analogous to Samrat Ashoka of the country and Amit shah comparable to Chanakya.

PM Modi and Amit Shah will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections to be held in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and will certainly form the government.

Together they will work their brilliance again for the development of Himachal Pradesh- The Dev Bhoomi. Himachal Pradesh will surely be established as the best tourist spot in the next span of five years.

As prophesied by me earlier on my youtube channel, GooglePlus and website ( , no other political party can beat PM Narender Modi and BJP in the near future. Amit Shah under Modi’s government will attain empowerment with true freedom and work with full commitment in a positive direction for major developments of both the states.