This month will prove to be a good period. And this will show a positive result on your professional life. People in job will get a higher position. Seniors and subordinates will be happy with you. Financial position will also be satisfactory. People in business will get good desired results. There is a possibility of change of residence this month. You may spend on property or on some land . Those who plan to get married will now get the opportunity. Travelling will be very beneficial. Your relations with your relatives will get better. Because of the positive atmosphere at home you will be happy most of the time. You will go for some religious journey or for some pilgrimage. Your interest in religious activities will also increase and you will gain a lot of respect in your circle. You may get higher status which will improve your financial position and your colleagues will also be very helpful. Your rivals will be defeated. Check your expenses as in spite of flow of money your expenses may remain high. Health seems fine but take a good care of your stomach and get regular checkups. Students will do well in this period.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and keep a yellow colour handkerchief in your pocket.