In the beginning of this month you will see your wish come true. You will get a lot of fame and respect and success in domestic and social field. You will have a very good income flow but your expenditure will also increase tremendously. It will be very difficult for you to make savings in this month as you will spend high on luxury and on some auspicious occasion at home. Do not try to compete with anyone and run your own race confidently. Be careful of the opponents at your work place as they might try to defame you. Beware of cheaters in business who may guide you to take some wrong decisions. You will have good financial status but you will not experience mental stress due to over expenditure. Physically you may feel tired and exhausted but if you keep your eating habits in check your health will improve and you will feel far more energetic. Take care of the health of your father. Students might face problems in getting competitive examinations. All those in job your promotion may get delayed. Overall you will have an auspicious luck in terms of finance family and friends and improvements may appear in your life. In the end of the month some family issues will keep you stressed and create rivalry with your close ones so stay calm.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and distribute ladoos among the handicaps and the beggars.