Prime Minister Modi wins the second term with a huge victory (already predicted long time back on Google as well as YouTube). This is the turning point for India and Indian politics. PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah will create their magic yet again .There is a possibility of Amit Shah taking a charge of home ministry. In his second tenure, state issues of Jammu and Kashmir will be taken into consideration and will be given utmost priority. Solutions will be sought for peace in the state of Jammu and Kashmir with great possibilities for the return of Kashmiri Pandits to their valley. Ram Mandir issue will come to force again during the second term and will be solved once and for all. India is set to see a new era. There would be powerful and stringent actions taken by the newly elected government against corruption and terrorism. PM Modi is having a clear vision for India’s future. Poor people and farmers will get financial protection from Modi’s policies. His focus will continue to strengthen norms against corruption, wiping out terrorism and youth empowerment. We will witness massive socio-economic development under his governance. He would come up with new smart cities and other innovations. Empowering India under Namo India has emerged from the darkness and has been enlightened in the global face. As per planet positions, war-like situations with Pakistan are foreseen in the year 2020 to which PM Modi will give a very aggressive response.