You will have to face couple of challenges in this month as well as some difficult situations, minor delays and obstacles might test your patience. If you get any opportunity to expand yourself financially, try to grab it with both hands. Do not expect any promotion or some form of recognition in this period. If planning to start a new business then this time is not very favourable. All those efforts and hard work you will put in this time will go unnoticed. Those in job will not get good support from their boss or colleagues. Try to handle any challenging situation diplomatically and patiently. As far as finances are concerned this period is not very favourable. You will have to keep a financial discipline as your financial situation depends entirely on you. Plan your finances wisely and stick to them. Your mental health might get affected due to stress and strain of work. Your personal relationship also might suffer so keep yourself stress free and calm so that it doesn’t bother your health. Always remember that health is more important than wealth and fame. You will not enjoy good health but if you will keep your stress levels low and get regular check-ups then you will stay fit. Your romantic relationship may need your attention. Married people should be careful about their relationship otherwise they will have a hard time with their partner.

REMEDY: Donate yellow coloured fruits to beggars.