The universe is helping and supporting you in each and every way. You will start some new work which will prove very beneficial and you will come in contact with big influential people. It is advisable to grow your public relations and make it strong and strengthened. Do not misbehave and remember your values and limits while dealing with people around you. Be very careful with your legal matters and try to resolve issues with mutual settlement. For shopping and spending on luxury this is a good time. You will meet old friends and some guest is also expected who will keep visiting you now and then. Because of unexpected guest your expenditure will also increase. Good time to invest in property and vehicle. After so much of hard work your promotion is assured. Control your expenses as your responsibility will also increase towards your family and near dear ones. You are getting full support from a star so try to make good use of this time .This time is good for those students who are interested in literature, singing, art and history. If you are planning to buy a new home or an office it seems like most unexpected benefits are just around. You might get a promotion so be prepared and beware not to spend too much over something that is not useful and keep your wallet or purse in check as expenditure is likely to increase. It seems that you will be lucky and fortunate for the most of this month. Atmosphere in the family will be harmonious. Make sure everyone at home is health. Regular check-ups are advised. You will be emotionally and physically happy. Use naturalpathy to protect your health. Avoid travelling especially long travels. If in politics your status will flourish and you will continue to progress. Couples who want to tie a knot this month will get good opportunities coming their way.

REMEDY: Offer milk to Shivling.