This is the month of mixed results. Some time you will find yourself in a rising situation and sometime in the following situation. Your reputation level will be increased in the society but you will face a lot of struggles and challenges too. You will be honored by people. You will find stability during this period of time but for that you will have to keep yourself away from any kind of quarrel or heated discussions. Sometimes you will feel uneasy, nervous and anxious so self control is advised. Students will go out of the country for studies. Make sure that you take really good care of your health as some health issues will make you uncomfortable mentally and physically both. This period will be very fruitful for those who are involved in fashion, designing, architecture and cosmetic business. You will see increase in growth and progress at your workplace. If you start new ventures or new agreements your returns are assured. Your levels of motivation will be immensely high. During this period you might find it difficult to deal with your superiors at work. Good time as far as your career and business is concerned. Take extra care of your children’s education. Encourage your children so that they can do better in their studies. Disputes regarding property and house might arise but try to solve it very calmly. Short distance travelling with your families is also indicated. Solve your issues with a strong mind and support your family in ups and downs during this month. Eventually your previous flights and differences and disputes will resolve gradually. You might spend some money to purchase an old house and renovate it. Chances of buying property in the end of this month are also indicated. June seems to be very favourable.

REMEDY: Read Shiv Chalisa.