You have to work hard to earn your livelihood. This month your expenditures will increase. Don’t lend money otherwise you might get cheated. Try to follow your gut feeling. The saying slow and steady wins the race truly gets fit in for you this month. You will not get any support from your siblings. And you might continue to work hard to start a new project. You will get a help of a close friend who will further fetch you with good profits and expand your business in the future. Avoid excessive travelling. Health needs to be taken care of as some stomach related issue might trouble you. Do not give any witness for anybody as you might get betrayed. Drive very carefully else you might face an accident. In the end of this month you will plan some new project for your business and your financial area will see some changes with good financial gain. Avoid taking a loan this month.

Remedy: Donate milk, sugar, rice to beggars.