Your health this month will be stable and consistent. You will follow an important health and wellness regime and you will stick to it. This is the month of few surprises for you but you will have to check your stress levels as changes in relationships and career may cause you added stress but for better of course. Meditation and aromatherapy is advised. You will start with small things like rearranging home by doing little renovations. This is the favourable time for you and you will see the changes you made begin to be fruitful. All you need is a little faith in the stars. Love, relationships and money will benefit you and will keep you secure. You will reconnect with your old friends you and you will be open to attending social events. Universe will ensure that everything goes smoothly for you as far as you do not remain stubborn and embrace these changes faithfully. If you are happy and comfortable in your current relationship you will find that this month something happens to rattle your perfect security as your partner plans to make a drastic career change which might not go quite as expected. Control your expenses. Remain conservative and don’t make any wasteful purchases. Doing something in excess may hurt you or may land you into trouble. Don’t be too much sensitive. Journey will bring unhappiness and you have to be very cautious while driving or travelling abroad. Avoid taking financial help from friends as it may cost your friendship. Flow of income will mostly be easy. An old house or a property may bring your profit. Property may become a source of gains now. People in job will be successful. People working with you will be supportive. Don’t trust people blindly. Stay away from arguments and clashes. This period seems to be tough for students.

Remedy: Donate blankets to old needy people.