You will have to slog hard for sustaining yourself at the work front. You should do things very sincerely. Work pressures will become large over your mind. It is the period of self-realisation and introspection to have a look where you stand in the professional state. People into business will implement new plans and strategies by keeping a good check on each and every situation. Business growth might slowdown to an extent. People who are looking forward to promotion shall be entitled for the same if dealt tactfully and diplomatically. Chances of fluctuation in your luck are also foreseen. Though you may be getting some opportunities for gain but you may feel low on certain occasions and lack the will to take up challenging task. You are advised to be more optimistic and look at things with the broader prospective. This month is full of complexity in which you don’t know when and what will happen and how much money will you need so you need to move ahead with a tight budget only. It will be better for you to fix your priorities and work with solid financial planning. Don’t make any financial commitment and don’t lend money. The period also goes slightly negative and will remain offbeat for your health where excessive tension may take a toll on your health. Avoid tension and anxiety but as the month progresses your health may improve gradually but do not do things like over indulgence in eating and drinking as it could cause difficulties in the liver and blood. Take care of your dietary habits and chant daily morning one Mala of om shum shaneshcharya namah.

Remedy: Feed the horse with black chana.