You need to stay away from small fights and controversies. Whatever you do, do it after thinking carefully. You may start any new business in the second part of the month. Avoid doing many things at one time

You will donate for charitable deeds and will prosper during this period. There may be pleasant surprises and lot of get together with family and relatives. Overall happiness is indicated in this time. Try to be more soft and generous with your siblings. You will support your brothers and sisters in this period. This is a period of mixed results for you. However, you need not to worry as you will keep on getting good money in between, which will protect you during financial crisis. You will get good results in your professional life. Meeting with old friends is also indicated. You will get company of opposite sex. You will get some help from superiors or influential people. People in job looking for promotion will definitely going to get it. You will be able to carry out your responsibilities and maintain the same closeness with your parents, sibling and relatives. You will get victory over enemies. Your children will also be successful and bring happiness to you. You may get disturb a bit due to health ailment.  Keep a check on your eating habits. Being a mixture of an optimist and a pessimist you find difficult to make up your mind on any issue. The more you become famous in this time your close ones would start going away from you. Your mother may go through some suffering in this period. Avoid getting angry on petty issues and control your tongue. You will get glory and respect if you behave well. A little struggle period for students and for those who want to study abroad. You will have enough of energy but work pressure will be very high. Issues related to land or real estate need your focus.

Remedy: Chant hanuman chalisa daily.