Work will be much easier for you, as long as you are able to keep yourself disciplined. You are learning new ways of maintaining harmony in your individuality at work and around friends and family. You will be spending time with your family members and also you will be working on renovations or some household projects. You will reap great rewards as you learn to expand your communication skills. People that you thought overlooked your good efforts will be your greatest and most supportive well wished ones. An auspicious ceremony in the family is likely to take place. Your business circle will increase. Your rivals will not dare to face you. You will get all kind of support from your coworkers and subordinates. You will make investments in land, tools, machinery or equipment .you should listen to your intuition. Your cherished desires will be fulfilled and you will get prosperity fame and happiness with good money gains this month. You may get a new job…lot of changes in your environment could be seen this month. Make sure to be kind to yourself during these changes. Great time for growth. Healthcare is very important. Your romantic relationship will take a boost. Your finances will also see a boost this month. You will spend money on family and friends. Good time for small journeys. Good luck.

Remedy: Donate white clothes to beggars.