This month January 2021 will predict the opportunities, possibilities and challenges which are awaiting for you. It is an outline of events and occasions that you should look out for in this coming period according to your moon sign. Although you have good times ahead but some things may not be favourable and also beyond your control. You may have to exercise caution and be alert in some situations that might put you in problems. You will meet people who will help you and reach out to you for career advice. This is a very dreamy time for falling in love and exploring romantic opportunities. You may embark upon the year with a huge change like some big changes at your work front or starting a new relationship. Your expenses may be high. Your relationships will be warm, sincere and generous with people. You will inherit some ancestral property with the help of your relatives in this month. You will spend on luxury or self pampering during this period of time. Be careful about the health of your spouse. No financial losses could be seen. Don’t worry about your finances and savings. It is high time that you are given credit for your efforts and others recognize you and look up to you. You might receive good news in this period. A long distance travel will be rewarding. An auspicious month for family functions and important ceremonies. This month is the month of important choices needed to be made. Students will do fairly well in this period. You are advised to do some spiritual work. You will start getting the results of your hard work done in the past now.

Remedy: Feed the fish