A lot of my friends and viewers have been calling me for the past one month for my predictions regarding the ongoing outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19. I was waiting for this day as astrologically the position of Mars will get altered tonight at 10:45 pm. Mars will join Saturn and this combination will strengthen our fight against the enemy called ‘Corona’. Initially, after the shifting of Mars, there might be a flare-up. However, from mid-April the Sun is going to change and give strength to other planets to battle against the Coronavirus. Sun is going to be exalted from 15th April and the dust will start settling down in south Asian countries and later on worldwide too. Vaccination and effective treatment will take its origin from South Asia. There’s a strong possibility for India to come up with a successful cure and vaccine. The number of cases and death toll is expected to rise worldwide and in India too but everything will start to normalise in the first week of May. However, progress will be evident from mid-April itself. Mars and Saturn require purity. Those who maintain hygiene will be able to safeguard themselves. Our country is in safe hands and our government is fully capable of handling the situation and have managed very well till now. The Prime Minister has taken the right measures to combat the menace and will continue to do so. At this point, cooperation from the general public is required. The Lockdowns will continue and the economy will slow down tremendously and show gradual improvement only after 15th May. Countries will be cut-off from one another due to the planetary placements. Another flare-up is expected in September-October, 2020 but will tackled immediately. Stay indoors, maintain personal hygiene and stay healthy. Practice self-quarantine for the good of the country and for yourself. Jai Hind!