This month appears to be a little restless for you initially. This might affect your relations with your family members. To keep everything smooth you need to control your aggression and temper. Mental stress will continue till the middle of the month. Domestic problems and government problems will create mental stress. Try to avoid unnecessary hard work as you will not get desired results in this month. Avoid travelling. In spite of problems in life you will still manage to start some new work. Your friends will be a great support for you in your progress. Not a good period for people in job and agriculturists. Be careful while developing relations with opposite gender during this month and take more care of the health of your spouse in this period. A You will get success and you will gain fame amongst all. You will gain a lot of respect and you will be praised for your efficiency to success. You will help people which will help you in gaining fame. A very satisfying period for you. Your abilities in business and occupation will be excellent. You will have good relations with your mother and in fact you will maintain good relations with all the females in your life. You may not feel happy and satisfied from your children’s side. There is also a possibility in this period where you think of changing your business or profession. You will get good opportunities for foreign journeys. All the efforts that you have been putting in from a very long time will start reaping benefits to your liking. Some Major Changes could be expected. Also along with these changes you will face newer challenges as well. It could be in terms of finances or on the work front but your hard work and talent will safely bring you out from all challenging situations financially things will look good and your carrier is all set to take a leap. If you are battling any physical illness then there are bright chances of recovering. Some unexpected gains are indicated. Avoid arguments. Your love partner will surprise you with something really beautiful. In the end of this month new project and risks should be avoided. You need to curb new investments and commitment. You are advised to do some spiritual work which could get you out of any troubles. People jealous of you can cause problems so be alert.
Remedy: Throw iron coin in running water.