This month offers you a basket of activities and situations that enhance growth not only professionally but also personally. Matters on the relationship front keep fluctuating and there are times when your partner may not be in a mood to reciprocate your feelings which may leave you hurt. Although no major conflicts are seen. You will be super busy and constantly on toes .your thought process and planning will not work and only delay your executions and test your patience. Especially for the people in business and professionals .you might come across many challenges that you are unprepared for. Surprisingly for singles this month may turn out to be a memorable one. They will get committed or even get married. Middle of the month will give chances of good income. Health will remain one of the core focus area all through the month. Injuries also indicated .extreme weather may take a toll on your health and you may suffer from viral fever or infection .remedial measures are advised for quick recovery. Employs and professionals need to be A bit careful about errors and omissions done in their records and reports. Travelling will prove beneficial and you will travel abroad for business purpose. Partnership in business should be avoided as you might find tough time convincing your partner.
Remedy: Offer milk to Shivling every Tuesday.