You should take care of your health and maintain a proper balanced diet as well as a lifestyle. Good harmony and understanding is indicated in family life. This is a good time to expand your knowledge, learn something from colleagues. Good relations with friends will be fruitful. There will be gain of land. You will do charitable deeds. Your children will also be successful and bring happiness to you. Those in jobs, wonderful life is waiting ahead for you if you resist the urge to change jobs. Do not take impulse decisions driven by feelings of disappointment or frustration. This is also a period which can create troubles or messy situations due to carelessness or negligence creating worries and unnecessary troubles. Health requires immediate attention as injuries and accidents are on the card. You will enjoy all types of amenities this month. Small trip with your family will bring you much excitement. Your hard work and commitment will enable you to earn good money this month. Your financial situation is likely to get better and stronger. A luxurious and comfortable lifestyle is waiting for you this month. And you’re likely to make good profits. In the middle of the month you are likely to make good profit if you invest some amount in some new venture. You will get full family support especially from your parents. Your business may grow this year and there is a scope for expansion as well. You will enjoy the benefits of good health. Joy and happiness will be maintained in the family. Some new member if expected will be added and married people who are willing to have a child can plan in this time period. Don’t spend money lavishly and save some money for emergency situations also. Your children will excel well if you provide them with all required support and love.

Remedy: Donate White colour clothes on Friday and worship Lord Vishnu.