Income or the position will be improved and gains from work or the business activity is guaranteed. Defeat of enemies and property gains will increase. You will get favor from superiors and success can be expected during this period. Travels will be very useful in this period. You will be able to balance professional and domestic commitments intelligently. People look up to you and come to you for advice. Things will start getting sorted out. The whole of this period comes into a period of great potential and energy for you. Time brings you fortune, ability and courage. You will get material gains and recognition from superiors. So it is a good period for trying out new things, going to new places. You are likely to acquire a conveyance in this period. You will connect with more people and make the most out of those connections in both giving and taking. This period will also bring happiness and success to your siblings. But your enemies will put their best efforts to harm you. Even you should be careful about your friends as there are indications of cheating. Take good care of yourself as it may become the reason of anxiety. Health requires special attention as there are possibilities of chronic diseases.

Remedy: Feed birds with bajra.