This month appears to be little Restless for you initially. This might affect your relations with your family members. To keep everything smooth you need to control your aggression and temper. Mental stress will continue till the middle of the month. Domestic problems and government problems will create mental stress. Try to avoid unnecessary hard work as you will not get desired results in this month. Avoid travelling. In spite of problems in life you will still manage to start some new work. Your friends will be a great support now in your progress. Not a good period for people in job and agriculturists. Be careful while developing relations with opposite gender during this month and take more care of the health of your spouse in this period. Very average time for lovers. Avoid disputes otherwise your relations may get spoiled. This period is not very favourable for financial matters. Heavy expenditures might make you feel restless and you really have to work hard to accumulate money. Children will be helpful and supportive and in the end of the month you can expect some auspicious ceremony at home or some religious observance. Keep a check on your financial matters as it can be the cause of worry and be very careful while dealing in finance and lending money to others or borrowing through some institution.


Visit and worship Lord Hanuman and serve bananas two monkeys on every Tuesday.