You will enjoy all the prosperity and comfort. Your fame and reputation will be on an increase. You will get promotion or improvement in status. You will be favored by ministry and government. You will help relatives and society.Very successful and perspective period is waiting for you ahead. Creative approaches and opportunities for additional earning are on the cards. You will share a very good rapport with seniors and supervisors. A marked increase in your income is indicated. There will be expansion of trade and increase of reputation. Overall this is a period of all round successs. There may be increase in expenditure which needs to be controlled. Health problems may not permit you to keep your promises on the positive side of this period. Health needs a check and problems due to fever is most likely. Your outlook will be optimistic and your enemies will be in trouble during this period. Expect monetary returns when you put your ideas into practice. You will get gains from government organisations and you may work together with them for the success. There will be expansion in the trade or will get job promotions. Family happiness is assured for you.

Remedy: Offer milk and jal to Lord shiva on Shivling.