The first half of the month seems to be favourable for you. All efforts made will bring fruitful results. Your children will have a good time during this month. They will perform very well in their respective fields and will make you proud. Your relationship with your partner will be harmonious. Your respect in the society will be because of your good deeds but your opposition parties will try their best to defame you and ruin your image. Unexpected promotion might surprise you.  People in business are likely to get profits during this month. You will get support from your family. Do not invest your money without thinking otherwise there are chances of profound losses. Do not let anyone pull your family apart. Trust your family members and try to cooperate with each other. The health of your parents might worsen during this month. You should take care of them. You might have to face some health issues during the course of this month. Take proper medication from a family doctor if  necessary. 

Remedy: Offer jal to Surya.