Avoid quarrels and heated arguments in this period. You will get several chances to grow spiritually this month. You might go for a pilgrimage or to any secret place. Do not make decisions when impatient. It is advised to you to keep your health in check as the seasonal changes are going to affect you severely. Extra care required as far as health is concerned . Adopt good lifestyle to keep good health and prevent illness. Avoid taking financial help from friends otherwise it may cost your friendship. Control your expenses and do not lend money to anyone. A very challenging time for people in business. Financial hurdles is one of the issues that you are likely to face on a personal level. Not a very favourable period regarding finances. Avoid petty issues as they could create differences among family members. Try to save yourself from unnecessary arguments with your relatives.Avoid unnecessary struggle. Drive very carefully as You might get injured. Students will do fairly good in their exams. Don’t make hasty decisions during this period avoid quarrels and brawls to maintain calm atmosphere At home.Avoid buying any property. Your interest towards spiritualism will increase and you will spend money on religious jobs