People in job will be appreciated and promoted because of their hard work. Businessmen May get good opportunities to expand or to implement new ventures. You have to be very careful in planning your future moves. Mental stress will increase related to family problems. People in Business will also have to face Big challenges. When dealing with the lady you have to be very careful as betrayal from a female is indicated. After putting huge hard work veryLess profit will be gained.You will spend on unnecessary things which might put you in huge financial crisis.You will not be able to spend as much time as you wish to with your family as your work will keep you very busy. Students who are planning to pursue higher studies in abroad will find this time to be very favourable. Travel will occupy most of your time and property related dispute might become a cause of concern. Change of place or change of job is also indicated. You have to be very kind with your subordinates and have to avoid any kind of fight which can harm your image Badly. Do not be careless about your health and avoid unnecessary tensions. You will spend time in religious affairs this is a good time to repay long pending loans. Avoid situations where there are threats and disputes. Watch your expenses And to avoid losses don’t lend money to anyone.