It is advised to you to keep your health in check as the seasonal changes are going to affect you severely. People who are indulged in politics and are working on the political front will definitely get success in this period. Financially this period is going to be very profitable .New ways of income inflow are opening for you. You will spend on luxury and on some auspicious occasions. Your property issues will be resolved this month. You will see making new relationship and you will get support from your family. This month will bring prosperity, happiness and some money blissful moments. Good time for amusement and partying and travelling. You will indulge yourself and enjoy all activities. You will also indulge in property dealings which will yield you good benefits. Health is likely to deteriorate for which you have to be extra careful but no serious ailment is indicated. Stick to healthy diet and avoid all the unhealthy food. As far as your business is concerned you will be recognised by your organisation for your hard work and determination. Those in government job will be showered with a number of benefits during this month.

Remedy: Donate green clothes to brahamans.