This month is going to give you a mixed results. You have to drive very carefully in this period. Your interest towards spiritualism will increase. You need to remain levelheaded and handle tricky situations tactfully. Disturbances in day to day working will hold you to grow and progress. You need to remain strongly motivated and have patience on your side. Your income seems to be less but you will see your expenses will be on the higher side. Married people need to avoid doing things which annoys their life partners. Give priority to resolve issues in your personal life. Avoid unnecessary struggles. Not very good period financially but still you will be able to earn good for your livelihood Stay away from mental stress. Maintain balance to manage the hustle and bustle of life. Students will not be able to focus on studies. People who are doing business in agriculture will have benefits. Possibility of travelling abroad is indicated in the end of the month. Overall a challenging time. Travelling will not prove beneficial. Keep an eye on your enemies as your rivals may give you a lot of mental stress. Students will have to work very hard to get desired results. Health seems to be average. Don’t be too much sensitive with the problems going on in your life they are not going to stay long. Lead a stress free life and keep yourself grounded.

Remedy: Give food to beggars every Saturday.