The period opens with a difficult phase in career.  New investments or risky deals should be avoided as there could be chances of losses. It will not be advisable to commence new project or make new investments. You should avoid getting aggressive with your superiors. It would be better to use your own skill and caliber other than thinking of taking help from others. Possiblity of theft or loss of money due to some other means is also there. Take proper care of yourself and your family members.Expenditure on secret activities is possible. Mind your expenses.You may suffer due to mental stress and strain. Injuries and wounds are on the card during this period, so be careful especially while driving.A phase of doubt & uncertainty could come your way. Making a change is not advised at all & is not favourable to your interest. A gradual loss of status could be experienced during this period. A sense of insecurity will prevail as far as home affairs are concerned.Avoid lending money to anyone as losses are indicated. 

Remedy: Feed black chana to horse on Saturday.